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Our vision

What does bututtu mean?

When we set out to sell the most delicious product of the region, Pistachio for e-commerce, we started to work because we should have a brand.

A brand, but it had to be such a brand that the difference would be noticed, as they say, that's that kind ...

Green gold and olives grow on the soil of the region, but there is also such a rich six! ...

Sumerians, Hittites, Romans….

Tens of cultures have added great wealth and value to these lands for thousands of years.

Karkamış Ancient City, Zeugma Ancient City, Dülük Ancient City… The city is so rich culturally that if you want to make a difference, you have tens or hundreds of materials at your disposal.

Karkamış Ancient City is one of the centers of the Late Hittite period. The excavations made here are capable of changing the archeology history of the world.

During the 2017 excavations, when Italian Professor Nicolo Marchetti and his team, the head of the Karkamış Excavation Team, unearthed the jug with the emoji on it thousands of years later, we realized that even though there were centuries in between, some things about humanity would not change.

The test with the smiley emoji on it should have been part of our brand.

So what would our brand be?

Didn't the excavations and the carbon tests made on soil samples prove the existence of peanuts and olives in these lands for thousands of years?

What did the Hittites say to the pistachio?

Hittite experts were quick to answer our questions.



Undoubtedly, Prof.Dr. Hayri Ertem's book "Flora of Anatolia in the Hittite Age according to Boğazköy texts" was presented as a doctoral thesis to Ankara University Faculty of Language and Tar, ih Geography in 1974 and published by Turkish Historical Society.

On page 71 of this book, he writes:

We could not detect the Hittite reading of the Sumerogram, which is mentioned as Akkadian BU-TU-UT-TUM in the Mesopotamian plant lists. It means "Peanut" according to Thompson and Fredrerich.

The Hittites called the pistachio "Bututtu" in Akkadian language in the Hittite language. We liked it very much. We thought that the customers of our company, which has 73 years of corporate experience and reliability, will also be very special and they will love the Bututtu brand.


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