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About us

We set out to carry our 75 years of experience in journalism and printing to e-commerce in Gaziantep.

When you set off from Gaziantep, the first place is the most important, valuable, most delicious, most delicious product of the region and the city; We aimed to deliver "green gold", "lady with red mantle" and Pistachio to the consumer.

When we have 75 years of corporate experience and trust behind us, we thought that we should present this beautiful product of Gaziantep to our consumers in the most delicious and beautiful way.

Those who order fist from fıstıkkrallığı.com or can understand the difference of our brand and our product when their products reach their hands in a stylish package and with perfect breath.

Hope you always choose us ...



Being the leader of the region in e-commerce



To make a difference by offering the most important and popular products of the region for sale with the best and highest quality.



Creating and trust in our consumers by establishing a strong integration network.

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