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Delicious taste…

Have you ever heard of this term? Sounds weird doesn't it? 'savoy flavor' in English is a bit difficult to translate, but it is an expression that includes the phrase 'extraordinary flavor' and brings the flavor to the peak...

Here, Americans go crazy for our pistachio, they have difficulty in expressing the taste they get and they use a recipe called 'savoy flavour'….

According to the report of the American Peanut Producers Association, pistachios are the most imported peanuts to the United States.

Because Iranian peanuts are not allowed inside. As imported peanuts, there is nothing left but our peanuts.

Today, I looked at a popular American site selling peanuts, California pistachios, unsalted, in shell, 95 TL per kilo.
Since ours is a bit expensive, the following note is written below the price:
“Pistachios are more expensive and smaller. But the tastiest peanuts we've ever sold."

I wonder how much the export of pistachios is, you can open it and ask GTB! Because I regret to give an insignificant number!
Especially after writing many times that the annual exports of America and Iran are well above billions of dollars...

You must have seen it in yesterday's Sabah, fresh ben peanuts came to the market for 70 lira per kilo.
Fresh me last year came to the market on July 22 and sold for 25 liras. Of course, these prices are symbolic, but they also give an idea.
The idea he gave is that the weight of a fresh mole this year will be 25-30 liras.
Peanut producers have already turned to gray pistachio this year. If it is expensive, it can be eaten less, but the demand for gray peanuts never decreases. Since the crop is scarce, the producer is being smart.

Two or three months ago, I can see the newspapers reporting that the crop is plentiful this year, but I cannot understand why they serve whom!!.

When will the people of Gaziantep take care of their most valuable product, pistachio, I'm tired of waiting!..

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